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Biz developer
Los Angeles
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I have a skin care product line. Great product, beautiful high end packaging, made in USA. Registered brand. Product formulations are based on most high-end popular brand with modifications. Our key is to provide similar quality and effective anti-aging products that are compatible to the high-end High-priced products in a much less retail priced point to compete on the market. The business is running and generating some sales but no profit yet. Have beautiful online store. I truly believing in the product and results as I use them myself.
I am looking for a co-found to join the business with the strength on marketing and have a vision for our products and business, as well as capital investment to grow the business together.

If you are a great marketer and willing to invest to grow the business together. I would like to hear from you to discuss the opportunity. Sincere honest business partnership only.

I am seek someone: Honest, sincere, great marketer or emarketer, or able to bring the business to retailers. or have strategies for amazon sales; social media marketing or any form of marketing strategies. Have interest in skin care business. Interested in long term business partnership.

I have already put a lot of investment myself. Partnership will be taking over particle marketing investment and product production cost for sales. We don't over produce products unless we have good sales coming up. So current investment is mostly on marketing.

Investment and profit will be all based on percentage share of the business upon agreement.
Business website is not posted here for privacy. Below contribute is for monthly partial basic marketing investment (PPC /social media ads) estimate. Cost of production is not included.

Currently business is only USA based. Ideally partnership need be within USA. But if you have a good idea for business development, you are always welcome to send me a note to discuss.
I have license as esthetician and helped take care of other's skin, and love to take care of my own skin. I also have degree in design and have great vision for beauty and fashion. I also have experience in management in firm. Great Adobe Photoshop skills for marketing materials. Building online store website. Able to discuss business ideas and strategies.
full time (40h/week)
up to 1.000

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