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I am looking for a technical cofounder for a couple sites that are ready to launch.

They have a few bugs and are only MVP sites but they are enough to start having users.

My plan for a technical partner is just the bug fixes and support during launch at first then new features after every so many members join. 500 members=new feature, 750members+another new feature etc....something like that.

Then once enough members make it worth while we will do a complete rebuild.

The sites are competition style video and photo sites unlike anything on the net.

After we get going there will be many more avenues for revenue than any other video site can produce.

Keep in mind I am at the point to start getting users so this is by no means going to take a lot of your time until it proves to be worth a rebuild and by then it wont be a risk anymore.

The sites are built with Yii2 framework on Apache2 and MySql db.

There is a bit of a rush so if you are interested please reply asap.
over time (>40h/week)

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