Biz developer (29)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

About me

Biz developer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
Product development and management, sales, business development, team management. I pick up the skills I need when I need them to be a well rounded non-technical team member.
The drive to create is what motivates me. While I won't claim to be a programmer, I get excited about the whole process. Making an idea reality, and helping people along the way (by providing a useful service or tool, etc.) is the best feeling there is. I'm learning non-stop
I am in the process of founding a business that operates as a mobile consumer application with a B2B revenue model. I have taken our team through all initial phases and completed our MVP, which we will be launching shortly. I've worn just about every hat to get this business to where it is: market research, prototyping, design, web development, sales, investor, business developer, product manager, you name it.
half time (20h/week)
up to 5.000

About my co-founder

for someone to help me with my idea for a startup
  • Developer
United States
part time (10h/week)