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Participation in youth sports is prolific. Athletes, Coaches, Conveners, Volunteers, Sponsors, and Parents all form part of a community that contribute great energy and effort to see it become successful. The experience of youth sports is tremendous and should be celebrated. "The Run of Play" is for those participants to connect, capture the experience, and celebrate success. Participants create a…
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Kids and youth don´t exercise enough but they play too much video games. Sweat2play ™ support young people to exercise more but without taking the joy and excitement away from free to play games. Serive concept process is ready.
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I own a fundraising company, my Boosters Fundraising. For the past 10 years, we've been helping youth sports and activities like schools, booster clubs, and teams raise money with a coupon card product. This program works extremely well - 95% of our clients come back every year. The problem? Most youth activities raise money this way, selling things to people at…