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The greatest startup idea is in my hands. I need a good web developer who can help me build a website that can be converted into an app eventually. The idea is all about PHOTOS. I can elaborate more if you send me a private message. Let's talk and get this started! Thanks!#php #webdeveloper
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My idea is all about combining gaming with e-commerce or wallet but to implement this idea I want someone with technical knowledge who can develope this project. To know more about this idea inbox me with ur mailing address or skype id so we can discuss furthur. Regards, Mustafa Hussaini.
Looking for: Developer
My idea is all about getting money from playing online games and converting it to virtual currency to know more about my idea just ping me with your technical details and if they are upto my expectations I'll share my idea with u.
Looking for: Developer
Buying business insurance is complicated and time consuming, but Zencoverage wants to make it fast and easy to find the right coverage at a great price. Our online portal allows small businesses to compare quotes and buy coverage all with a few clicks-- and no phone calls.
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I have 17 years experience in the Automotive Sales industry and have built many solid relationships with franchise dealers and independent dealers along the way I have started a company consulting for Automotive dealers and one thing all my dealers say they could use and would invest monthly in is a quality CRM built specifically for the automotive industry therefore…
Looking for: Biz developer, Marketer
This network serves as a hub for all social media content a user might want to merge into one profile.It is the most customizable and user oriented network out there.With an efficient t support system, an innovative module based profile structure and many other, at this point somewhat secret innovations it beats all the existing networks by a large margin…
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My idea is based on a triple win situation. It is a B2B2C concept in which the final customer, the e-commerce business and Clicket either make money or save money. There are several Israeli corporations which are eager to try out the new business offering. Among them - two enterprises and two big SMB's (the annual revenue of some of…
Looking for: Marketer, Sales person
We firmly believe that the IT market and its capacity grow, while the financial turnover increases several times each year. However, it is much more difficult to master this market alone than with a ready team of qualified professionals. We are ready to assume full responsibility for the projects implementation and development. With 5 years of experience in developing web…
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Social Media Platform for Health and Fitness The Web and App based social media platform will allow Health and Fitness customers See and Interact with Digital Content from any user around the world, with the aim to make viewing Health and Fitness content easy and accessible, allowing the user to use one App or platform to search and view content.…
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TradeRiser is an analysis assistant engine which makes financial market data easy to understand.Traders can simply query the financial markets with easy and TradeRiser gets to work and builds a detailed report as the answer to the query.This is beneficial to traders at all levels and helps to both educate the traders as well help them find active trading opportunities.