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Looking for: Designer, Sales person
What's your plan if you like your friend guitar but you don't have money to get it but you have a skill. Other side, your friend sometimes need your skill to help their problem. Do you get the solution? Other case, what's your best choice if you have old nice shoes but you have been bored with the model? Throw…
Looking for: Developer
We are already a small team, looking for a key partner to start our business based in USA. It would be a web plateform type AirBnB but nothing to do with accommodation. The plateform will connect professionals to clients in a particular domain.Our team is multinational : American / French / Chinese.We already have 2 mentors to guide us.
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person
App Factory allows non-engineers to create custom web applications with a non-technical UI. If you can make a blog with WordPress, you can make an app with App Factory. It is much better than the current process - writing code by hand. Hand-made web apps are more expensive, need more maintenance, and are less reliable than App Factory. Plus, you…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Bollts makes it easy to condense your message, without diluting its impact. We see thousands of messages every day, but restrictive character counts and click-bait articles limit the level of quality. You shouldn't have to sift through long-form articles to find meaningful content. Now, simple prompts help structure your thoughts, getting down to the nuts and bolts and maintaining your…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Create local sub communities within larger communities using directory system and visual profile builder.
Looking for: Developer
A co-founder CTO is wanted for 'Jammable' - a new start-up in the field of music. Jammable allows hobbyist musicians worldwide to engage together musically through jamming in collaborative jam sessions. There are about 500 million musicians worldwide and most of them tend to play their music at home alone. Jammable aims to change all that by allowing musicians to…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
Hello there! My name's Nguyen Le Thuan, I am a Co founder and CEO of NLTgroup. I have a little I idea about HTML5 technology + Cloud Computing.I just thought about using WebSocket to make a standard protocol for web application. This is a good replacement for AJAX and Long Polling solution.Thank you for your reading.