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Looking for: Biz developer
Project 1 Recycling Business: I started this business late 2014. It is a recycling business with 5 unique features and revenue generation models. 1. We make crafts and other furniture that can be used in homes and offices using used tyres, woods, metals, papers. and bottles (Samples are avialable for sighting). 2. We operate a collection system. We have agents…
Looking for: Biz developer
Did you know 60% of the waste we throw in the bin is "Organic"? The idea is to convert Organic Waste to Compost. Make it accessible, a brand, affordable and impact environment,people's lives and if possible change the status quo. Contact me if you are interested in Social Entrepreneurship.
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Public Defecation is unhygienic and steals the dignity of the Sub-Saharan poor.Lucky Loo will be FIRST and only public toilet operator in Liberia, and will expand to create the Country's first waste2energy treatment center.[[Though welcomed, you do NOT need to live in Africa or relocate for this job]]This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to…