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Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Sales person, Other
No more replicating prototypes into production code! I am working on a prototyping tool that creates your design system and system architecture while you're designing the user interface. Work smarter and go from prototype to production at lightning speed. While the designer works in the code free design environment, the tool automatically creates a design system that can later be…
Looking for: Developer
I have the concept fully developed, prototype being completed, initial discussion underway with pilot customers. I will handle all data anlytics and reporting. I need a co-founder to handle technology such as database (Google Big Query) and visualization, analytics and reporting solutions such as Tableu, ClearData, YellowFin, Jasper etc.. The customers will be institutional such as federal, state and local…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Sales person
As communication is becoming more and more visual and rapid, it is only logic that users expect a more visual experience even in the field of law. We want to produce innovative tools that address and solve this need. Our goal is to provide legal online notices, which are customized, reviewed by lawyers, and visually appealing, so it would be easier…
Looking for: Developer
Diary software for iPhone/iPad to :control own trading behavior (self-reflection) to avoid mistakestrack and analyze all tradestrack, visualize performance (best/worst trade)print/upload journal to website (connection to facebook or other social networks to share own results)
Looking for: Engineer
This is an idea for software that helps people to visualize music. People choose a song and use the software to create a music video. The software will be community-based. The best visuals for each song will be in the community visualization of that song. There will be a voting system to determine which visuals are the best.