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Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer
I can make browsing on your smartphone an immensely better experience. Imagine surfing two content channels at the same time!  Or how about viewing YouTube and Vimeo videos simultaneously for visual comparison?  MotionQ is the first "Browse Parallel" experience - You can see more in less time and this gives me the ability to capture more transactions (click-through rates, ad…
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
Looking for a technical co-founder or advisor to help my idea come to life.  I am working in a space that is very untapped and has little competition.  Reach out for more details. Would need rockstar like tech skills. Also looking to hire the 1st round of employees.  Must have a great background of both Tech and Business and have early…
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Engineer
Morpheus Media Engine is a Voice/Video Over IP solution which will take Unified Communication to the next level.