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Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Edulo helps to facilitate student in making decision and registering for their future education by enabling them to explore and search by careers, field, skills and other factors.Edulo also facilitate course provider to find students that are most likely to enrol in their courses by the process of market segmentation through the use of advance database technology
Looking for: Developer, Sales person
I have fully conceived an idea for a mobile app which will revolutionise (I don't use this word lightly) the student university experience by adhering to a need which affects >95% o students (out of 2,000 University students surveyed within the Midlands and London). Several London Universities have shown a great deal of interest in the product, but request that…
Looking for: Developer
MyUni Life limited is a company that builds apps for universities. We have already launched in Hungary and looking to develop further in hungary and other countries in europe. We need an app developer to join the team for bug fixes, updates and future development. We are working with the hungarian version of 'justeat' to also deliver food to students!
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Graduate job seekers only have to complete one single application form on our website, choose their favourite companies up to 100 different ones, we apply on their behalf for the generic part and also for the specific parts automatically in less than a day. They save 300 hours, each application is more company specific than usual, they increase their chance…
Looking for: Developer
Quby is on-screen classroom moderator that helps professors efficiently manage questions from the audience. People have tried this in the past (even Google has a similar functioning app called Moderator, which is awfully harder to use and non-fluid), but I believe I have worked out the solution of how the interface needs to be.My vision is for Quby to become…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Education is a very big sector in India especially for students who are newly entering colleges. There is no common place available where students can seek information about a specific school or college on how it is setup, what is its performance history, how it can benefit the student. This system would help the students provide information about every college,…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
An online social platform which connects college students with their peers to create a new culture of studying. The site allows you to create, join, invite and share study groups. Students are able to meet other students who are interested in their current feild of study. By using social aspects like Facebook to create your profile, students continue to enjoy…
Looking for: Developer
Your Guide to College Life. Replace existing college newspapers with an online entertainment/news site that also has elements of gamificaiton/rewards. Please visit AliveCampus.com to check out our beta version. Note: I am NOT a developer and I am looking for one to take the site to the next level.
Looking for: Developer
CampusAbode is a new way for college students to find a place to live off-campus. CampusAbode provides a platform for connecting college students who are moving off-campus with housing providers, making it easier than ever before for students to find a place to live. Unlike Craigslist and various apartment rental sites, CampusAbode provides a user-friendly experience a la Airbnb that…
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer
1. Create a program that tells uni students students when to study and for what subject. (see video)2. Use preferences, time and location information to create personalized advertizments. 3. Implement and Profit! :)