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Looking for: Developer
Existing trading journal solutions for Forex traders have these major issues: - Have to manually input trades - Analytics aren't useful- Reports don't show traders how to improve - Reports can't analyze manual backtesting results I know what traders need, but I don't have the development skills to make it a reality. I'm looking for a technical co-founder to work…
Looking for: Engineer
TradeRiser is an analysis assistant engine which makes financial market data easy to understand.Traders can simply query the financial markets with easy and TradeRiser gets to work and builds a detailed report as the answer to the query.This is beneficial to traders at all levels and helps to both educate the traders as well help them find active trading opportunities.
Looking for: Advisor
trading techniques and reading trading stock chart  successfully will provide brief analysis of particular stock of NSE or BSE while leavriging domain experties to help others to trade in stock market option like BTST, Future and options. Analysing the dynamics of the market and some initially began as a discussion market trends, investment tips provided a discussion forum, and taking…
Looking for: Developer
Diary software for iPhone/iPad to :control own trading behavior (self-reflection) to avoid mistakestrack and analyze all tradestrack, visualize performance (best/worst trade)print/upload journal to website (connection to facebook or other social networks to share own results)