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Everyone has books, but most of them are useless – they've been read, or no one in the house is interested in them. In addition, everyone buys books (some more than others) or at some point has a book they want to get their hands on.I want to connect those people. I want to create an app where users can…
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Fashion ecommerce in France and the US
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Interexport is the B2B platform for small and medium companies buying or selling materials, components, products or services.  We provide business tools and a powerful network dedicated to importing and exporting. Interexport.com is currently at prototype development stage, and is looking for a CTO co-founder ready to embark on the accelerator/investor journey.
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Bartermill is the trade platform for entrepreneurs and small business. You can sell goods or services, make barter deals and hold tenders. Our comfortable tools for deals, order process, contacts management tools and deals' scheduler allow you to make your business easier and give you more free times. The business rating help you make right choice new partners and create…
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My business is a for-profit social enterprise and business incubator program that provides aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries expert training, leadership, mentoring and funded platforms to create small businesses that participants buy out for ownership upon program completion.  We are currently in the test phase and will be providing hard numbers to compare with our research and statistics side by…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
A socially intelligent web platform where exchanging goods, bartering for services, and meeting new people are all part of the fun and excitement.