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Looking for: Biz developer
MEDICALL has a vision to use Blockchain technology to provide both healthcare professionals and patients access to healthcare records via a secure, auditable and safe system. This will reduce the risk of medical malpractice. Doctors will have the ability to review and add to the record and patient’s can share their health record with any healthcare professional. Medicall will develop…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager
I am trying to build:"Match.com meets Teladoc for Functional Medicine"Background:Functional Medicine is a field of medicine that keeps digging for the "why" of disease/dysfunction using function-based testing modalities and food/nutrition/nutricuticals to address the dysfunctions. There are hundreds to thousands of trained Functional Medicine providers around the country, most of them are not Physicians.Problem from Patient perspective:Chronic diseases require a holistic…
Looking for: Developer
Already have a TELEMEDICINE platform for second opinions. I am looking for a technical co-founder to help further develop the platform and to launch the business. Have access to a large medical network and have secured funding. Looking for co-founder preferably with healthcare IT background and development skills.
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Other
Around 70% of all deaths are caused by noncommunicable diseases (heart diseases, cancer, diabetes etc.).Most of these diseases could be avoided or treated successfully if detected early. So there is a tremendous value in monitoring of some specific health indicators.Core features of the project:- store health data (blood tests, heart rate, blood pressure etc.)- give personalized health advise based on…
Looking for: Marketer
check us out at www.elttila.comWe are interested in a partner who has internet marketing and SEO experience to drive nationwide traffic to our site.
Looking for: Designer
My goal is to bring the benefits of a psychotherapists office into the homes of everyone on earth by providing psychotherapeutic tools, treatments and diagnosis via online resources, community, group and web conferences.Telemedicine is exploding since it became approved my medicare and it is a multibillion dollar market that has mostly been untapped for mental health treatment - this is…
Looking for: Developer
Lifmee monitors and generates data that helps you analyze your fitness level in order to evaluate your overall health. Use this information to connect with your doctor, compete with other online users and connect with family and friends.
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person
With telemedicine on the rise and more consumers booking doctor appointments online, the opportunity to cater to companies filling that need will increase exponentially over the coming years. These companies will be looking for affiliates to market their services to the target market of specific specialty doctors. The main purpose of my idea is to drive traffic of a target…