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We’ve all been there. You’re eating out and the salad comes to the table. The waiter hurries off and that’s when you realize you have no silverware. Your friend is carrying on a conversation, but you’re busy trying to wave down a waiter who doesn’t see you.Finally you get the waiter’s attention and request a fork and you are told…
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I have between $4-5k to invest in a fast server, and aim to utilize ProxmoxVE as a backend to rent dedicated servers. The company's name is 'Super Speedy Servers' & there is an emphasis on performance. I'll be using a CPU with the highest clock speed possible, @ 4.1GHz (Turbo), which provides 8 hyperthreaded cores & the motherboard supports 32GB…
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I am going to build a product which will help people find cure for their medical condition.