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Russian concept of Anti Cafe came to Finland not so long time ago. This is a special place developed for giving to people the environment to socialize with each other. Events go everytime there. THe most interesting place in the city.It's profitable. Opening in september, hurry up. Minimum input money to get a share is  2000 euro. To get the business plan…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer, Other
Seeing the addiction that gamers have for winning, why not setup a tournament. The idea is a simple website were tournaments are launched winners are anounced etc. We can compliment all that with an app were gamers can register their profiles..After registering gamers are given fixtures at venues organized by SoulXtreme were they will fight for a top spot in…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Sooligan is an app where users can record, share, and find up-to-second thoughts or feelings about daily local experiences in any city. We provide users with a snapshot of any city through a series of up-to-second RANTS and RAVES made by locals and people currently there. On Sooligan, users can engage in a community-centered dialogue with each other by providing…
Looking for: Developer
-Team rating for real-time and mobile application. -Rate up to four images at the same time with the podium by drag and drop. -Receive balanced opinions from your trusted peers knowing your preferences. -All team members can follow the rating process. -Pre-defined teams for fun, family, business, and more. -Results in a few clicks. 
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer
Let's build a team to experiment with different app ideas on a fail-fast basis and see which one works. Let's make hackathons and startup "weekends" avery day and eventually evolve into a creative lab. Looking for co-founder(s) who is in the Athens, Greece and have innovation skills and some experience with startups.