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I'm developing a modern and dynamic marketplace where singers can buy music productions to sing on from producers. Producers can pay one of the three monthly subscription available (Basic, Advanced, Unlimited) and they will immediately get their own online store where they can upload their beats and customize the store.The brand is going to be a multi-service platform where artists…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Other
Many people have special talents. Maybe someone need it. Let we discover it in many way.Let me know more about your experience and say why or how you want discover talented people.
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer, Other
Project: http://adultliteracy.xprize.org - to create an app (Android >=4.0) for adults who want to learn basic reading skills. Test subjects will be 1000 people per app from USA, who read below 4th grade elementary school level (both learners/immigrants and speakers who missed out on education). They will use our app for 1 year to raise their skills by at least…