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Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Hi Co-founders! This idea entails a marketplace specifically for students in the Netherlands (later internationally). The idea is to create a platform where students trade together in products and services that are typical in student life and on which no other products/persons can be found. Think about bikes, books, rooms, student jobs and languages courses and transportation services. At the…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
About 2 years ago I wrote a simple bot to retweet and win different items on Twitter. Since it worked, I always wanted to further explore the possibilities the platform had to offers. Therefore, I started writing a simple stock scraper 1 month ago to get sentiment data from Twitter. It basically searches for the stock ticker symbol and analyzes…
Looking for: Developer
You are confident developing apps for Android/iOS? You are ready and have some time to develope our Single Use Case MVP asap?You have a good sense of humour?No capital needed. No risks. No design skills needed. Presentation provided. Your payment: equity
Looking for: Developer
Contact me, if you're interested in developing a new innovative app with me. You should be confident with programming/coding apps in Java for Android/IOS.I have the idea and the designing skills to create the app. The app could help especially students in future to improve their daily-life.Cheers
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
No worries and headaches for international students when they are seeking accommodation! I am looking for 2 partners to make this idea happen (preferably, persons who have an international student experience). Contact me for further details.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Imagine having an app, where you are able to see all of the amazing discounts that are avaliable to you in your hand. This is an app which will benefit locals and small businesses, by giving the power to businesses to decide when their discounts, and for locals to see all the available deals, on one app.The idea is that…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
The USB flash drive has remained unchanged for much of its existence. This being said people still use the flashdrive even with dropbox and airdrop(mac) on computers today. My idea is to reinvent the USB flashdrive by merging pros of both worlds into one physical device. Even though I believe the usb will never die these merging of ideas I…
Looking for: Advisor, Developer
Please check the video out on the site to get the best understanding of what Im trying to accomplish.