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The home renovation market in Canada is worth approx. $50 Billion / year which makes it very attractive. The platform I'm currently working on aims to solve one of the biggest problems most home owners face when renovating their homes, lack of transparency from shady contractors. The platform will host the entire process of a home renovation project from start…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
I am looking for a co-founder for a tested and awarded idea It has very high market potential . It has been researched and surveyed. I am looking for a technical person - an engineer Please connect for further discussion and knowing USP.
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Foreign job seekers including international students studying in US universities are required to gain an "H1B" visa to work in the US. Only the company, not the job seeker, is allowed to apply for the H1B visa. Because of the high cost of this visa (up to $9000), only certain companies offer jobs that sponsor H1B visas for foreign job…
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Development of software in the security industry for dispatch, report writing and analytical reporting with data storage.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
The bulletin board software market has numerous open source and proprietary offerings, but they are all lacking in many ways. Although there are some new players in this market (such as Discourse), it's still almost as if this market has been frozen in time. Humans are social creatures, and I don't think that bulletin boards are going to disappear anytime…
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New Feel Smart Connections Ltd. is an Israeli start-up which is developing an advanced platform for targeted content implementation as a facet of services or products. The platform will be based on integrating NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and tags, with a customized CMS (content management system) system and industry-specific app, bringing advantages to administrators, companies and end-users. New Feel Ltd plans on…
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ChangeFrame is an electronic consumer product that will be a connected home product with social integration, including plans for a scalable revenue model in the future. CF will transform the way we interact with each others memories including how we share and view them. 
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Hello my name is Daniel. Am looking for a marketers, aeroengineer (engineers), public relations, software engineers,accountants. As of right now my idea basically is about drones with advanced endurance capabilities such as the solar power enegry, battery source and laser charging technology. I want to direct this drone project towards a non-dependent product on oil/gas just electric power with multiple…
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There is a huge market for improving the way that companies manage their bills and incoming invoices, process their payables, and remit payment to their vendors.  My company alone gets paid regularly by many businesses (like over 100) that could really use this solution as they are almost all still issuing paper checks and using an outdated system for processing…
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Help me disrupt a legacy industry with an innovative B2B ecommerce platform