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3DPrinterShop brings manufacture, maker, tinkers and designer together The next digital revolution takes place on the atomic level. It'll have a ground shaking impact on how business takes place. Forget about the supply chain; download, customize, share and print your products at home. Living in the future is awesome. open transparent marketplace for manufacturer and supplier of 3D Printing products…
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This is a new shopping platform where shoppers are in control of the pricing, and multiple retailers are seeking out buyers and competing for their business.  And active communication flows two ways between the shopper and the retailer.
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An assistant that will consult you during your shopping.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
TOPIK is the next generation online apparel shopping platform by delivering an entirely custom-built shopping experience. Through personal profile construction, TOPIK recommends brand and apparel choices that match-up to consumers' specific style preferences. Comparative shopping (across brands, across trends, and across price-points) is simple an intuitive, eliminating the need to visit numerous separate webstores. For each item recommended to the consumer, other matching options are presented,…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
We are seeking to create a kind of shopping comparison site that will allow the user to search for an item of clothing using images rather than words.  It is envisioned that the user will be able to submit a picture of what they wish to search for via upload to the site (or via smartphone application).  The site/app will…