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Looking for: Developer, Marketer
Multitest finds best available internet provider for any location on map, by customer reviews, tariffs and speedtests. Three main components – coverage check, tariff analyzer and customer reviews. First is simple as Google Search - user types his address, GPS or points location on map. Then our simple but smart tariff calculator, based on requirements and usage profile, helps to compare…
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Problem: Finding the best price on auto parts with local store, and whether they are in stock.Solution: NoJalopy.com (The best place to find instock local auto parts!)Ok so, there are many sites dedicated to finding the best price on flight, hotels, rental cars, shoes, etc. My idea is to create the 1st site that's dedicated to finding the best price on…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
This is a new shopping platform where shoppers are in control of the pricing, and multiple retailers are seeking out buyers and competing for their business.  And active communication flows two ways between the shopper and the retailer.