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Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
Dodillo is a web platform that brings customers the right pros for every work on their list, and helps pros find new customers and grow their business. Customers tell about their needs and the platform posts the request details to pros in the same geographical area. If it looks like a fit, pros respond with a custom quote and work…
Looking for: Developer
Create an application witch will use webcrawler (Java or Scala or Python) to wallk through target web sites. Fill-in search forms on those websites. Get result, parse it (use JavaScript for example). Provide customer with web-interface, build mobile app (android, ios)
Looking for: Developer
Hi, Currently I am developing a minimalistic easy to use content management system for average joe. The idea is to give people with little or none computer knowledge a platform where they can build their own site for various purposes in REALLY easy and simple steps. (max 5 minutes)focus: highly scalable, responsive ( reactive )Technologies: backend  -> (scala) akka , play…