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Looking for: Developer, Marketer, Product manager
OPPORTUNITY: There are literally millions of people the world-over suffering from financial illiteracy (never learned how to budget, save and/or invest), which means they are massively disadvantaged in their earning capacity and enjoying a better quality of life. Furthermore, financial illiteracy puts a direct strain on the economy and society as a whole. The worst affected cohorts are marginalised women…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
The one-stop shop for the homeowners on the efficient home improvements with expert advise, review and comments fer the best energy saving tools available on the current market. A network for the contractors who specialize in energy saving and green energy technologies. Make your home SMART, EFFICIENT and BEAUTIFUL.
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer
We want to change the world of Holidays just as BlaBlaCar and Uber changed the world of Car-pooling and AirBnb the accomodation's.Come With Us users can share their holiday plans and itineraries to find travel companions and take advantage of discounts, other's experiences and other perks.Ease to insert the new trip in the database and ease to find the ones…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
I've been in the process of drawing a business plan for a savings plan/travel agency to help college students, low-income and other wanderlust individuals save for a trip easier. I am looking for someone to join me and help develop the app and website for the brand.
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Sailo is Blablacar meets Tinder - for Backpackers. It's an innovative mobile app, helping solo travellers to save money by connecting with other backpackers and sharing whatever is there to share - cab to the airport, room (once you get to know each other a bit more), boat, a horse (ok, maybe we went too far with that) car etc.…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager
You have a financial goal but don't know how to reach it?  Choose any financial goal based on how much you need and by when you want to have it – a new car, a rainy day fund, retirement, etc – and use a slider to select your preferred risk-to-reward ratio. Once you’ve put in all the relevant information, the…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Marketer