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I am founder of ObjectSol Technologies Pvt Ltd, an IT company based in Kolkata, India. We have team of 20+ developer with experience in Web, Enterprise Mobility and successfully delivered number of projects in the area of Financial, insurance, IPTV and Media industry, Marketplace, Utility etc area.To expand our business, We are looking for Business Partners who can come on…
Looking for: Sales person
A booking platform that manages bookings, sales, revenue, payouts and payrolls. It's suitable for accommodation and whatever kind of services.
Looking for: Sales person
It is platform that replaces the waiters reducing costs and time at the restaurant. The customers can see the menu, place orders, and pay the bill over their cell phones. I'm willing to give equity for the one who take off with the sales.
Hey Folks, I am just about to complete my minimum viable product for my online startup. I am looking for a Developer Co-founder and someone that can dedicate time to business development in exchange for equity. I am based out of Melbourne. I have already received several funding offers however at this stage I am more interested in getting the…
Looking for: Advisor
I have created children's sewing kits and am looking to turn this into a subscription box program.
Looking for: Sales person
I have created a business in a box model called Josey's Art School. The program teaches you how to become an art teacher and provides you with THREE different art modules to begin teaching right away in locations near where you live.
Looking for: Designer
CROWDFUNDING Allows the parties of a Real Estate Transactions to do two things to spread capital risk not just among the bank and the borrower or borrowers; also to rise Hugh amounts of capital from a Hugh pool of small investors up to 100,000,000 small investor with a price point to be come part of a project as a equity…
Looking for: Sales person
Astwellsoft is a team of skilled experts gathered to provide quality IT services worldwide. Founded in March 2014 we’ve grown from a team of 2 into a company of 25 people and we keep evolving. We’re extremely goal-oriented, highly professional and responsible company. Astwellsoft is situeted in Lviv (Ukraine) and now we are looking for a Business Partner/Sales Representative in…
Looking for: Developer
Hello everyone, our project is working and being already profitable but we need to get more exposure. So we would like to make our team stronger,If you are a programmer, designer, marketer, or sales person and you want to work with us send us a mail @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to…
Looking for: Marketer, Sales person
We have hundreds of thousands of churches without quality media. Churches are understaffed and most cannot hire an inhouse videographer. In today's world though, filmmakers from around the globe can now share their creations from across borders. What if these filmic and video resources were in one place, grouped by the artists, topics, and the languages that make up these…