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SUPER SAFE - is personal safety mobile app. When you are in trouble, just push a button or shake the phone to call for help. People around will see you and help you out. http://supersafe.semwin.lt
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer, Product manager
It is intended to provide safety and medical assistance to people in danger or an emergency using a simple but efficient algorithm to locate their position and connect them to officials and nearby people. It will also provide an online entry or an appointment to the hospital or a doctor if need be. Besides providing assistance it would also consist…
Looking for: Engineer
Concept: A Faraday cage for every household in the world with a cellphone. A consumer technology that will propel a socio-cultural counter-revolution. Tapping the zeitgeist of reaction to constant connectivity, inattentiveness to real relationships, and concern over hyper-surveillance to open a vein of ubiquitous, collectively actuated privacy. Untangling the mess of charging wires with efficient, artful power. Meet Serene Devices.…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Product manager, Sales person
Applying nanomaterial technology to occupational safety items (especially PPE) in order to deeply transform the global PPE market
Looking for: Advisor, Developer
Imagine that you are in an unsafe circumstance and you need an out, but you don't even know what your options are. This app will put them at your fingertips - it aggregates various resources and uses geolocation to display the appropriate ones.Full business idea developed, please contact me for more info, and thanks for looking!
Looking for: Developer
the app is available on google play at:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.speedguard.cellmutei am planning a major upgrade to this app which will make it a almost a compulsory.for that to happen we will need the cooperation of a third party.attention:time commitment part is true to "before investment". post investment: FULL time!
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Sales person
My idea is to make the locks as we're seeing them now, better. Using pressurized air, a more sturdy, and better overall lock for doors.The idea started small, but it has now grown in to something more. It went from just working for doors, and the idea now is to even invent this for car doors. The parts needed to…