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Looking for: Developer
A private market & exchange for clients to bid on non-financial services. Services (liquidity) arrives via backend automation.
Looking for: Developer
We are looking for a passionate full stack developer to join our team and lead the development. Someone who above all is a pleasant person to work with and has extensive experience as a developer in Ruby on Rails, both client and server sides. Team management are desired yet optional.Our web app - add, manage and display your customer testimonials…
Looking for: Developer
Buying business insurance is complicated and time consuming, but Zencoverage wants to make it fast and easy to find the right coverage at a great price. Our online portal allows small businesses to compare quotes and buy coverage all with a few clicks-- and no phone calls.
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer
The technology interfaces industrial automation systems, such as PLC or SCADA systems, with ERP systems. The goal is to collect critical production data and to transfer it to ERP Production Module, where data is tracked and analysed. Coming along with customized IT services, the solution adresses SME's supply chain issues by allowing real-time visibility on machines status, so corrective actions…
Looking for: Developer
I'm developing a Crowdfunding and Community Building platform for charities and not for profits, that has a number of original features. I am looking for a developer who can either build a platform from scratch or modify/build on one that I've been offered (php). I've got lots of marketing and business experience and some useful contacts, but need someone who…
Looking for: Developer, Marketer
What problem we solve: We solve the problem of secured and cheap rent-a-car in any country, very ecologically – we don't increase number of cars on the planet! If you travel in the country – you may rent a car cheaper than in rent-a-car companies or for the same money get bigger class car (maybe slightly older). If you live…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person
tl;dr - I have a live web app and i'm looking for co-founders. A Ruby-on-Rails Developer and a Growth Hacker (or whatever they're calling it these days)Our platform makes it super easy for parents to find the best sports camps and local coaching for their athlete. What Yelp did for finding the best local businesses, we are doing for finding…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer, Sales person
looking to devalop e commerce site , for nich market. looking for team of  experts coder's in  XML - PHP- MYSQL - NOSQL- MONGODB - GRAPHIC DESIGNER - PHOTOSHOP -  RUBY ON RAILS.
Looking for: Developer
Take your part in distrupting the gigantic contract manufacturing industry by joining Quote Manager Pro to delivery the industry's first SaaS application for estimating industrial assemblies.  The industrial manufacturing industry uses decades old technology to send out quote requests, retrieve them, and compile them into organized Bills of Materials used to work up estimates for the assemblies for which they…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
We are currently a stealth mode startup changing the landscape in person to person feedback.  We've tested our beta, sold our product to customers, and plan to launch to the public this fall.