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Looking for: Developer, Engineer
We are a new age Fintech start-up aiming to disrupt the current remittance industry. We are seeking an interdisciplinary Blockchain developer with strong academic background and experience in Frontend / Backend Development. Knowledge of programming languages (e.g. C++, Python,….)Skill required:-Familiarity with experimental design, evaluation metrics, research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative analysis. -Strong time management skills, with ability to meet strict…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Other
An online platform that will allow retail or corporate customers to make simple fast and secure online payments in foreign currencies, but with lower fees and better rates than would be available via the banks
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
MOBILE MONEY TRANSFER APP, using bitcoin as a payment rail. We are targeting the $500bn remittance market but with added features, speed and cost savings.Ideally i am looking for a self employed developer who can work on this project in part time, in return of equity plus some payment. Western union processes over 15% of $500bn remittances sent globally each…