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After selling my home and doing most of the marketing myself to actually find a buyer I asked myself, why the heck am I giving up 6% of the sale price to these realtors?It doesn't need to be this way. This site will shake the real estate industry. Think Uber.Easy, guided, and no hassle ways for home owners to list…
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Simple app to manage properties and contact information Send sms and whatsapp of property details to individuals or group of people Get most agents use the app actively and use the data to promote new projects generate revenue from builders, developers etc to market their properties
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IPCOnline lets Realtors create and email detailed PDF's for their clients that contain 20yr real estate investment property analysis results. In 4 easy steps, they fully analyze a property's potential, setting them apart from other agents.We developed the IPCRank system, that takes the four critical investment return metrics in real estate investing and ranks each property out of 100 based…
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I want a website like redfin with multilanguage, certified realtors, maps access.This is to reach chinese customers in china or around the world that interested into buying property in the usa. the website will be update on listings from many different sources and realtors partners.
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person, Other
I believe that one can greatly reduce the 20 fold inefficiency in residential real estate brokerage. In the current broken model, 50-50 broker splits, 50% of listings selling, and 80% of energies spent prospecting or idly waiting for the phone to ring, are typical of the average struggling Realtor.  It is no surprise that  95% of entrants to this business…