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Looking for: Designer, Developer, Product manager
This idea is to create a personal and spiritual growth movement to help make this world a more loving and conscious place. The way the business will achieve this mission and vision is by creating inspiring content and helping people seamlessly match with a suitable coach. So far I have conducted the initial research (customer validation, user research, market size,…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Sales person, Other
No more replicating prototypes into production code! I am working on a prototyping tool that creates your design system and system architecture while you're designing the user interface. Work smarter and go from prototype to production at lightning speed. While the designer works in the code free design environment, the tool automatically creates a design system that can later be…
Looking for: Designer, Engineer, Product manager, Sales person
For people who lead busy lives and suffer from back pain or neck pain, My Business creates products that help alleviate pain and manage your bodily functions. Unlike other product-based businesses that help manage and eliminate pain, My Business fits in well with current habits and lifestyles, while adding value in comfort, relaxation and function.
Looking for: Marketer, Sales person, Other
Wat is het? Het Digital Makers Lab is een laagdrempelige ontwerp-, samenwerk- en maakplaats voor “dingen”, elektronica en software. Populair gezegd een high tech werkplaats voor professionals die zelf een “thing” willen ontwikkelen of (deels) laten ontwikkelen. Voor hen is een prototype het felbegeerde eerste tastbare resultaat van een complex en risicovol proces van productontwikkeling. Het Digital Makers Lab (afgekort…
Looking for: Engineer
A complete system (wearable, web and mobile app, monitoring system) that gives family members peace of mind by allowing them to monitor elderly loved ones, children etc. Initial designs, 3d printed prototype, market analysis and revenue projections are done. Development resources for apps, web application and servers are available. I am looking for an electronics engineer to help finalize the…
Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager, Sales person, Other
I'am looking for someone who can help me prototype and produce my designed furniture. The designs are from different materials the most common materials are:Wood,Metal,Aluminium,Leather and Clothing.I hope someone is interested :)Looking for a good and professional cooperation.Kinds regards,Gijs Kremer 
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Marketer
Actors face a lifestyle all too familiar with unemployment. Long periods of uncertainty and discouragement are the norm. Introducing WeCliq! The awesome phot-sharing app for actors that allows you to share your moments of triumph - send professional profiles - and earn rewards!A community of talent that earns, learns, and passion burns together!
Looking for: Developer, Engineer, Product manager
If you are serious about wanting to work on an app idea but have no relevant technical or design skills the odds are massively stacked against you. The cost of getting an app built is phenomenal, and the knowledge assymetry astounding, creating huge barriers and risks to entry. As the founder of Kode/, I faced the exact same problem several…