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We help individuals take meaningful actions so their political views can become a reality.  We are a place to learn about political issues and then act.  The product is live and the sales pipeline is growing with interest from the leading political organization.  Why?  Our social mission is to increase individual participation in the political discourse.  This means providing triggers…
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A political engagement platformed designed to empower individuals to support the candidates and politcal causes they believe in.  Said differently, the plan is to disrupt the $10B+ (no one really knows) political system in a manner that will deliver social good by increasing participation.
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We at www.udemi.org are building a web/mobile platform to completely revolutionise democracy by dramatically lowering the barrier for political participation. Our vision is to empower the people to reclaim democracy and reduce special interest influence on political decision makers. Together with the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford and leading international experts in the field of e-participation we…