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To assist in the search for illegal drug labs, having a drone based detection unit that can detect signatures of drug production by-products, and then record locations so law enforcement can intercept and shut them down.
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Your typical private investigations agency will investigate cases including infidelity or other domestic cases, missing persons, recovery of lost or stolen property, fraud investigations, criminal investigations, computer forensics investigations, and investigations gathering evidence for defense attorneys. While my idea for a private investigations company would originally have to take these types of cases in order to build in profit margins…
Looking for: Engineer
i'm looking for an technical co-founder specifically an electrical engineer to help develop a new body camera for police and military personal. I have been developing this idea for the past year and a half, now i just need an electrical engineer to bring this idea to fruition. my design solves all the issues with current body cameras on the…
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I have app idea to help accident victims/ passers locating the nearest ambulance and police satiation using an app.
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Police brutality is a major topic and issue in the United States. With the advent of smartphone technology, citizens are able to document and protect themselves during police encounters.To date, there does not exist a solution specifically for documenting these encounters. "Copout" is the app I've been designing and prototyping that will fill this void. Copout will allow users to…
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Imagine if instead of risking the lives of police officers you could send a flying drone to check out the scene first and send the live video feed back to the station? What if it could fly and follow the suspect without the need to risk a humans life? How about if you could send a drone to inspect an…