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This will be a networking platform based on travel journals. I conceived a small idea of what to do. Just drop me a message for more details.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
The Walkpack is a free application that allows the user (known as a Walker) create, share, rate and review your favorite places (known as Spot) on the world map.  The Spot is a point that you add on the map that can represent anything you want. For example, a hidden place that nobody knows, a cozy alley for a coffee,…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer
The Social Network would give you the possibilty to connect with people from different cities from all around the world and would also show you to which places your friends or the friends of your friends have been in order to establish a greater network. It would make it easier for you to find the best places in a city…
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Marketer
Share your trips on a map, add places you visited, itinerary you followed, photos and create original travel guides to share.