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What does success mean to me, and how do I achieve that success? Every person searches for fulfillment, whether it is through career, financial, or social means. Despite having an overarching idea, many people do not have a clear definition of what their own version of success is. Even when people do understand what it is they want, it is…
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Around 70% of all deaths are caused by noncommunicable diseases (heart diseases, cancer, diabetes etc.).Most of these diseases could be avoided or treated successfully if detected early. So there is a tremendous value in monitoring of some specific health indicators.Core features of the project:- store health data (blood tests, heart rate, blood pressure etc.)- give personalized health advise based on…
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Flowdia provides a complete set of apps and other products designed specifically to help you measure, manage and reduce your anxiety and stress levels at work. They work to promote positive behaviors to help you increase your performance, joy and focus in your daily tasks.read more about it at : https://flowdia.io/about 
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wearhou.se translates the personal shopper and stylist experience onto mobile, providing outfit inspiration tailored to the user's gender, budget, occasion, and body shape by recognizing and responding to each user's style preference.
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A unique way of socially connecting referrees, referrers and vendors all in one place with the goal of facilitating a purchase transaction between the referree and the vendor be online or in-person while benefiting all 3 parties.  The referree gets the product he wants, the referrer gets a reward and/or recognition for providing a referral and the vendor gets a sale,…