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Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Engineer, Marketer, Product manager
We know the growing parking problem and traffic due to this. I have an idea of a new parking system which could replace the way vehicles get parked on the streets, a system making use of vehicle lifters. Which actually decreases the number of vehicles parked on the road which eventually lessens traffic problem to a major extent and saves…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
My idea is to build up a way to help those who don't have a solid job to raise money with their talents. It would be community based.Everyone can benefit from this app, both from customer and worker sides.Contact me directly if interested to know more! 
Russian concept of Anti Cafe came to Finland not so long time ago. This is a special place developed for giving to people the environment to socialize with each other. Events go everytime there. THe most interesting place in the city.It's profitable. Opening in september, hurry up. Minimum input money to get a share is  2000 euro. To get the business plan…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Other
Make The Next Platform at Ecommerce that changes the rules about who needs a shop online and the cost and the effectivity of that website. Ebay does not have everything solved. I´m looking for people to be cofounders in the project. Someone who wants to change the market for online stores. The project already has business model and the domain…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Other
Instead of searching from site to site when looking to get out and be active, discover with DIscoverly! We solve the problem of personalizing the activity search experience by making personalized recommendations on local things to do. We also help to connect like minded people by event and interest.
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer
Imagine going to an event, say SXSW, where there's lots of people with similar interests (tech, music, etc).  Sure you could try to meet as many new people as possible (or not) but there's a slim chance that you will hit it off with many of them.  And you have this great idea about a mobile game you want to…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Connect with people around common interests.