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No more bad looking, dry and crumbly gluten free bakes made of low quality ingredients! Chocolate & Quinoa wholesome baking mixes are the perfect solution for health conscious home bakers to easily prepare bread and pastries that make their taste buds happy and contribute to their well being too. The mixes contain wholesome organic ingredients such as quinoa flour, chia…
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It`s a great opportunity for small and big producers to sell their products around the U.S and why not the whole world. The idea is working like Alibaba`s model, B2B, B2C and C2C. From farmers and derivatives producers, from small to large scales, to wholesale and retail shoppers among our users.
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Witlift is a P2P online marketplace strictly for organic & natural products. Organic farmers, producers and resellers sell their organic & natural products directly to green customers from across the globe. Witlift aims to promote a culture of "smart consumerism", the consumption of products that are healthy for us and the Earth. We believe that while we can not change…