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Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Product manager
Quikjobs LLC was founded on June 6, 2016 with the purpose of allowing users of the original site (https://www.quikjobs.biz) the ability to post or work one-time jobs in their area by setting up a profile and then either adding jobs to the communal job calendar on the site or selecting to work ones they found interesting. I set up an…
Looking for: Developer
#Malaysia # Singapore #China.   We are developing a push notification app that allows user to get important updates. Its different from twitter or whatsapp group with more dynamic and accuracy.  There are currently two person in the team, a designer(graphic) and a hustler. We want get a tech cofounder onboard for long term.     We are looking for a…
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Other
NOTIFY CITY enables citizens to report local problems such as potholes, illegal trash dumping, faulty street lights, criminal activity, and many other issues. The submitted issues are displayed on the city's map. Users may add photos and comments. On top of that, they can suggest solutions for improving the environment of their city.
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Other
An email account that looks like a buddy list and operates on a notification system rather than an inbox count. For example, I'd like to remain subscribed to daily newsletters like Groupon , but that doesn't mean I want to see the newsletters every day.  Instead I'd like to have a buddy list that says the name and company of…
I have wire-frames made and a user journey prepared. This mobile app connects consumers with a need with local businesses who can provide via instant notifications and geolocation.