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Looking for: Developer, Engineer
An easy, intuitive app that combines elements of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Reddit, in such a way that neighbors can find and interact online with each other, whilthout having the bla bla of Facebook, the openness of Twitter, the lack of structured content of WhatsApp, and the lack of personal atmosphere of Reddit.
Looking for: Biz developer
esPronto is a revolutionary mobile app that aims to make life easier and more convenient for people's daily tasks. Looking for somebody to move your couch? Clean your pool? Bring you a bottle of water on a hot day? esPronto connects both task providers and seekers to get your errands done quickly and efficiently by people in your neighborhood.
Looking for: Developer
Neighborsations connects neighbors based on common interests. I am looking for someone who can be a partner, help expand and develop the technical components of this endeavor and is willing to commit to building an awesome company that builds community.