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Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Marketer, Sales person, Other
I love pure and simple ideas that profit. We introduce, a company launched and profitable for 3 years. We have a technology improvement that is proprietary and ready to launch. We seek a co-founder with skills to market us nationally... but first you have to understand the business model before the problem and solution that our powerful idea delivers to…
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The 2 Big Ideas (contact me for specific details)... and we DO NOT need control! 1- Business To Business (including international) = we own ExecutiveLeadersRadio, meeting 700+ CEOs each year running businesses $10million - $16billion, many of whom are interested in joint ventures.  2- Business To Consumer  = we own airtime on national radio stations to drive traffic regarding educational…
Looking for: Other
Can you help us wisely leverage from our 700+ CEO relationships developed EACH year, and our listening audience developed from 30 radio stations?  We don't need control, rather we wish to established several long-term win/win/win entrepreneurial relationships which continue evolving and executing new ideas with orphaned opportunities developed with our CEOs!