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Looking for: Designer, Developer, Engineer, Marketer
Love new music? Who doesn’t? But despite the explosion in technology and social media the music industry is as it was 50 years ago. You either listen to what the record industry tells you to or you listen to local bands. But I believe this has to change. Why shouldn’t local bands be global bands? Why shouldn’t we decide what…
Looking for: Designer, Developer
I founded a company last year that primarily revolves around a video-based website that is aimed to feature and attract stage performers of all kinds (actors, dancers, musicians, etc.).  My site is already up and running with a few dozen videos on there.  I am looking for someone with a strong programming/development background who is interested in coming on as a partner to…
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Have you ever read those books where you were a kid and could pick where the story went? "If you want to battle the dragon, turn to page 47."This technology is like that - but with real-time video. Closed beta. Funding now. Developed customer pipeline. Relationships with top brands/artists/celebs
Looking for: Engineer
This is an idea for software that helps people to visualize music. People choose a song and use the software to create a music video. The software will be community-based. The best visuals for each song will be in the community visualization of that song. There will be a voting system to determine which visuals are the best.