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How much per episode are you willing to spend for tv shows you watch? As a subscriber, subscribe to the shows you want to watch. As a content creator, you'll have one platform to raise funds and stream content. An example of a tv show that can benefit from a system like this is Renegades (http://renegades.show/home/).
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Cinemaloop platform is an alternative (i.e. think Flixster + Okcupid) transparent, convenient and social web/mobile app experience that helps connect the multi-millions of movie fans worldwide that are searching for movie companionship vs. their only current inconvenient option of classified ads.Find out more here: https://angel.co/cinealoop-1
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I want to create a studio near Nashville TN to produce independent films. I have several scripts ready and many more yet to write. These are all original ideas and quite different from what most are putting out. I do totally original content, thought out carefully, not the blood soaked work most do. I intend to do several genres including…
txtMovies is the easiest way to treat someone to a movie of their choice for only $1.99. txtMovies enables users to text, tweet or email a Redbox movie rental code which can be redeemed at any of the 35,000 Redbox locations in the United States.  txtMovies customers include:Major Universities (Ohio State, Univ of Michigan, Univ of Iowa, Univ of Massachusetts)Nonprofits…
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When it comes to events and activities, we quickly realize that there are a million possible things happening at the same time.How can you possibly go about finding something to do when there’s so much choice and no central place to look it all up?Finding something new to do is often a tedious process, and you’ll often find people getting…
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A web platform for users to share their favorite movie info, recipes, books etc. And from all sharings, jumhoo.com will help them to discover their own lifestyle pattern.Now the Beta version has been launched to public for testing, and only movie and recipe modules are open. 
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Imagine watching a commerical about the a hpone thatg has just been release but want to know if the closet walmart has it in stock. Just use an app that will tell you if anystores have it in stock, the price and how far is it from your location with contact information. You can also use this app with moviees,…
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My idea is a place for indie movie producers to upload their movies, gain revenue, and get noticed. You may say that their are many things that do this but, I have expounded and built this basic premise specifically geared towards kickstarting the careers of these producers.
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer, Marketer
We’re flimnerds, moviebuffs, and cimemalovers a remote startup team between Russia, Denmark, Sweden, US - working over Slack. We’re working on Cinemaloop platform, an alternative (i.e. think Flixster + Okcupid) transparent, convenient and social web/mobile app experience that helps connect the multimillions of movie fans worldwide searching for movie companionship vs. their current only (inconvenient) option of classified ads. We…