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I am setting up a service in which users get tested at a clinic for sexually transmitted diseases and compare their results with another user using iris scanning smartphones in a way described in the patent.The US Preventive Services Task Force has the power to force US health insurance companies to cover my service and COMPLETELY FREE to the consumer.…
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Hi My name Is Ahmet Oztan And I want to solve the Ingredients problem. If I scan a barcode of a (food)product tell me please Can I consume it or not?, Is this Halal or Not, Is this healthy or not, I have Allergy can I consume it. I can solve this issue with Big Data & Cloud solution. I'm…
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Interaction Q provides mobile solutions to help you develop and maintain a strong mobile presence. Interaction Q’s primary solution is a customized Mobile Hub that serves as the core of your mobile presence. Consider it the nerve center where your mobile customers and followers can go to connect and interact with you. You may currently have a Facebook page, a deal…
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This could become a helpful tool when you get stuck and don't know what to do next because this website can take you to a particular day in your life and it will tell you what you exactly did and how you did it. And later on when you get old, when your memory starts playing up, you will still…
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creation of a mobile optimized  local business directory website and apps in Benin Republic and Nigeria with sms features that permits users to post business by sms and search the directory offline by sms.
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Mobiley's patent pending software provides an automated solution to convert a standard desktop website to a mobile website. The software scans an existing website and extracts images, content, fonts, colors, and other data and renders a mobile version site optimized for all major smart phones.
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The ability for local businesses and large MNC's to act as a Co-op by offering a symbiotic relationship through a mutual medium (The Start-up) is what BEESMASH is. As the mobile renaisance is underway the use of GPS to change the way comsuners view small mom and pops compnaies to the large MNC and brands he/she may see everyday by…
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looking to startup a buisness selling mobile platform technology to the recruitment sector, have a long standing relationship with many MD's who have shown an interest in offering their website on mobile platform, they are looking for a bespoke personalised soluition