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Creating a new unique platform about self development for your body, mind and soul. Presenting the information in a new way using specific tools and trends to make them go viral. Using Videos, Facebook-Ads, Instagram-Ads and Seo.
Looking for: Developer, Engineer
Write Mynd is an app for honest recording, reflecting and sharing for a happier mind. It's the modern-day diary that lets you:1. Record:It's hard to be honest, even with yourself. If we don't acknowledge feelings they can escape from us in different ways: stress, anxiety, anger. Write Mynd let's you write, talk, draw, or swipe through phrases in response to…
Looking for: Biz developer
I have launched a company in France, called Ludifit, to distribute innovative and entertaining fitness solutions, imported from all over the world. The exergaming concept (exercising + gaming) has been created in the US more than 10 years ago but the competition in Europe is scarced ... for the moment.It is important for the company to work european wide. That…