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Looking for: Advisor, Developer
Idea: a fashion social marketplace platform enabling renting, buying & selling. Merits & Vision: Salable and futuristic business model. First mover advantage.Current Status: have streamlined Blogging, Social Media Posting, Operations & Marketing. The web platform is near ready.Looking out for: 1. Technical Developer/s - Web (Php, Mysql, Opensource), Mobile App (Android). 2. Advisor/s & possible investor/s from Fashion E-Commerce Industry.Offering:…
Looking for: Developer
I am working on a mobile app that can change the way shopping is done in large crowded super markets or apparel stores. No more standing in long queues to pay your bill, no more carrying around the loaded trolley. I am more of a business guy and need a tech partner to develop the mobile app.
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Engineer, Product manager
imagine that you could join forces with other consumers  to create a massive purchasing force and lower the price that you buy things ? sounds familiar ? there is a BIG TWIST....want to know more? I believe that with the right team members this idea could be globally huge and will add another way of shopping in the world!!! we…