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Letter Express is an easy way to send all your snail mail directly from the web. You can write or upload a letter using our simple interface, and we'll take care of the printing, paper, envelope, and postage.
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PEE is a new protocol for sending and receiving e-mails that supports full end-to-end encryption and that fully encrypts all meta-data giving mass-surveillance advocates a hard time. There are no links between sender and receiver; thus successfully preventing social graphing and also rendering data retention pointless.In addition the user gets:-30% faster data transfer compared to SMTP-messages up to 2GB or…
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Cryptogra.com is an online encryption tool allowing its users to encrypt and decrypt private messages. None without the key is able to read the messages even the NSA has no chance. I also added a mail feature to send these messages directly over mail. But I need someone to get people excited about this idea. Furthermore anyone providing new ideas…