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A global movement to make it fun & easy to break the ice between people to find true love, friendships and social activities with an optimal mix of high tech & high touch organized as a Master Franchise. Top management team at Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA bought the idea in 2006 as a social benefit.
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look, we all love the holidays, birthday parties the special occasions in between, and our in-laws. But frankly as a father to two young boys, sometimes they also fill me with dread. the dread that comes with all the stuff people give us. and while we can love the intent, we don't necessarily love the end result. all that stuff…
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WHAT IS LOVEROPE Loverope is a bracelet. It's a product of love. Customizable | Made in Germany | Lifelong Guarantee | 100% Sustainable WHY SHOULD I WEAR THIS Because it’s a product of love & so are you. Customize it with any message you want. http://www.loverope.net/
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you like the topic date and flirt and want to help to connect the right people with less hassle?let's get in contact now! 
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lets make this world a place where people can do what they love.every thing about your interests.services provided by the startup.1. news , updates , happenings , events and everything else about your interests.2. inspirations for your interests.3. tools like job search , lessons.4. social networking according to your interests.and many more.
Looking for: Advisor, Designer, Developer, Engineer
My mission is to see Live 3V through, a Company focused on helping individuals on a path towards self actualization.  No answers are out there, they are all internal.  So why pay for crazy services that promise ridiculous things?  There are no quick fixes because the process is part of the solution.  If it comes easy, it will never give…