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Bill boards should be more than just bill boards. Multi media advertising or interactive advertising allows the bill boards to change accordingly to the hour, the location and to the weather.Bill boards should be changed constantly. If there is a latest offer from a shop, these bill boards should be changed immediately to what the shops are offering. at 3-5pm,…
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It's a top secret idea... If the pitch title created some big question marks in your eyeballs, get in touch with me and I tell you more :)
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Anecdotal information just isn't good enough, that's why we have so many fad diets and creams that may or may not work.  However, with today's mobile technologies, we can do better.  Join an effort to provide the world with meaningful, clinical level data that can actually validate which lifestyle changes, supplements, creams, etc. are effective.
Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer
A web platform for users to share their favorite movie info, recipes, books etc. And from all sharings, jumhoo.com will help them to discover their own lifestyle pattern.Now the Beta version has been launched to public for testing, and only movie and recipe modules are open. 
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There are lots of apps out there which are measuring our lifestyle and fitness activities, but to me, none of them managed to grasp the full spectrum of human activities. To get full picture how we are doing we need to measure everything, from food, sleep, movement, relaxations, water intake to many other activities which are directly or indirectly influencing…
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I'd like to create a sort-of shopping portal aimed at women. The idea is very specific, I am not spelling it out here so it doesn't get jumped on by someone else. It exists in similar form for other target audiences, so yeah, I admit - bit of a copy, but with a twist.I know how I'd like it to look and…
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Marketer
The LifeGraph App is an interactive tool for evaluating lifestyle and productivity! We are targeting actors looking for success. Our market is the enteratinemnt industry which is a billion dollar business. Revenue streams will be derived from paid downloads or monthly subscriptions, mobile advertising, and discount deals. I have 10+ years experience as an actor and have observed the direct…