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We will create a service to record and stream interviews.There will be a closed service for b2b customers and a free service for 5-10 Minutes interviews, wich can be recorded and viewed for free.Flash based from the beginning, streaming to tablets and offline playback (at closed beta stage).
Looking for: Biz developer, Designer, Developer, Other
If you have been following the growth of social media (particularly Twitter and Reddit) over the past couple of years, you can see that media is moving away from long editorials and onto short "buzz" content which provokes comments.Whether it is preferrable or not, the average person has become more interested in reading headlines than a long, five page editorial…
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Other
Hey hey, I have the domain www.laptopmod.com and it gets a ton of traffic, but with just me solo working on it I can't do it justice. I would be very keen to build it into an online community of hardware and mobile software enthusiasts for everything from Laptops (obviously) to tablets and smartphone modding and tips.Basically a power user website…