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Looking for: Advisor, Developer, Other
A project that changes everyday tasks. The cloud asks you "what are you doing?" And with your information, it finds for you sites about what you're doing. The page can expire. This is also a cloud that predicts what you are doing because of your pattern, and quickly returns websites that have materials on the subject.
Looking for: Developer
This is crowdsourced mobile based social platform that allows you to create and share your travel journal on the go! Create and save your trips, share the trip with friends and family, see what others are travelling, create your travel profile in the social network. A single aggregator of your trip details, no need to live with the risk of…
This will be a networking platform based on travel journals. I conceived a small idea of what to do. Just drop me a message for more details.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Memfy is an online micro-diary service that allows users to record short notes/memories or Memfies about anything they want remembered. From archiving important life milestones; recording moments that they want to relive in the future; or dates and notes that they need to be reminded of, Memfy will make sure they will be recorded privately and securely.
Looking for: Developer
Diary software for iPhone/iPad to :control own trading behavior (self-reflection) to avoid mistakestrack and analyze all tradestrack, visualize performance (best/worst trade)print/upload journal to website (connection to facebook or other social networks to share own results)