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Looking for: Advisor, Biz developer, Developer
Plot is a new type of free tool that helps you make better decisions about your financial future. Currently launched as a POC/MVP/Beta. Plot allows you to understand when and how you can do or get the things you want. We all have lists of things we want, plans for our future and scenarios that need to be played out,…
Looking for: Developer
The car is the last frontier for our "always online" lifestyle. We want wo change this by using the users iPhone or iPad as the new hub for all the in-car-infotainment needs. We combine a full turn-by-turn navigation (based on TomTom maps) with a gesture music player (supporting online- and offline music sources) and great social media fetures into one…
Looking for: Biz developer, Developer
Hi, I have developed software for the Hospitality Industry, and I am at the stage of testing in a restuarant, I am looking for someone who is passionate about implementing and designing products around the latest technology, I am looking for a tech co-founder or business developement person.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
The game is called Pun Quest where the player is given a clue and then guesses letters and finally must guess the Pun.  I have hundreds of puns developed and have a plan to get hundreds more through crowd sourcing.  An example of a Pun in this game comes with the following clue: "Rich Folk Give Them Quarters" Most people…
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Compression technology for Big Data. SaaS, PaaS, cloud compute managed service, mobile App, client and server deployment / usage scenarios.
Looking for: Developer
Diary software for iPhone/iPad to :control own trading behavior (self-reflection) to avoid mistakestrack and analyze all tradestrack, visualize performance (best/worst trade)print/upload journal to website (connection to facebook or other social networks to share own results)