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Looking for: Developer
I´m looking for a CTO for my Startup, PicShareSports. App available for IOS and Android.
Looking for: Designer, Developer
Project: a unique medical app aimed at consumers. The value will be in the features, interface, and the user's access to the personal information they input.
Looking for: Designer, Developer, Marketer
My ultimate goal is to make a user interface which is better than Apple's and could be for example sold to Samsung or any other Android handset maker. This is a huge goal one so start one step at a time by making a groundbraking app, just to show off. The iOS app in question would be a pinchable Calendar…
Looking for: Engineer
As a twenty something, I frequently need to go to the grocery store to get what is usually 1 item. A gallon of milk, maybe bread or a tool, but it frustrated me that I still had to wait in the check out line. Even if I waited in the self checkout line or the 10 items or less line, I would still be…