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We are a 3 years old digital creative company that offers interactive and attractive Mobile Apps Development, Enterprise solutions and Software Business Consulting including ERP and CRM, Web Apps, Websites, Digital Branding, Business Software Testing and maintenance support services. We have been doing good so far: 24 projects completed successfully in mobile & web apps development projects. We understand the…
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It's basically has different food/items from different countries up for sale in this country. for instance, a chinese tourist would order chinese food stuffs, electronics and local items from our store and it would be delivered to his doorstep. Same goes for the UK, Japan, Dubai e.t.c.
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Alibaba.com has made sourcing from China easier than ever.   But understanding the import process from development, sourcing, shipping, and customs can be very confusing.  The information is on the web, but it time consuming and confusing.Tradezoo.org is a 'free' educatonal platform that teaches you (small business owners/entrepreneurs) how to import/export, and introduces you to a network of companies that are ready…